Chase the Queen - Reel Pride & Fame nightclub


$250.00 - WEEK 1

Draw takes place every Friday starting February 19, 2016 at Fame Nightclub, 279 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB.
Ticket sales will take place between 10:00pm - 1:00am. Draw held at 1:30am.


  • Tickets are sold for $2 each and each participant may purchase up to 20 tickets each Friday.
  • Prior to each draw, all the cards in the current deck will be shuffled and placed face down on the table.
  • A single ticket will be drawn from all the tickets sold that Friday evening. The winning ticket holder will have two minutes to present themselves and the the winning ticket before another ticket is drawn.
  • The winner will place the pointer on the card they choose. The caller will confirm the card that the participant has chosen and reveal it for all to see removing it from the .
  • Each week, 50% of the total ticket sales will be added to the Grand Prize Jackpot.
  • All remaining cards will be used in next Friday's draw.