Chase the Queen est JACKPOT GROWS!!

Join Reel Pride EVERY Friday Night for your chance to Chase the Queen!!
ONLY 29 cards remain!!

The Jackpot grows with each and every $2 ticket sold and is estimated at $3500 this week!

How to Play Chase the Queen:
Come down to Fame Nightclub every Friday night between 10:00pm-1:00am to purchase your tickets for $2 each.
Our Grand Prize Jackpot STARTS this week at $3280

The jackpot will continue to grow each night as ticket sales will be split 50/50 (50% to the Grand Prize Jackpot, 50% to Reel Pride Winnipeg).

At 1:15am, we will select one winning ticket at random for you to come up on stage to select one card from the standard 52-card deck plus 2 Jokers (29 cards remain). Your mission is to find the Queen of Diamonds to win the entire Grand Prize Jackpot.
If you select any other card, you will win $50.00 cash and the Grand Prize Jackpot will be carried forward to next week. The selected card will be removed from the deck to be used the following week.

The Grand Prize Jackpot will continue to grow each and every week until someone finds the Queen of Diamonds and will take home all the winnings.

Come chase that queen with us!